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  Support US Armed Forces is a 501(c) (3) Non-profit Charitable Organization whose mission is to raise morale, to encourage and to demonstrate ongoing support for our U.S. Military, their Families, and our Veterans through our publicly-funded programs and services.   

  Support U.S. Armed Forces provides special programs that shower  our military and their families with the support they need and deserve.  We want to give them encouragement for the next mission  and provide resources as they return home to their loved ones.  


  Support U.S. Armed Forces is small in stature with a board of directors and a dedicated group of volunteers... More


  At Support U.S. Armed Forces, we appreciate the sacrifice these servicemen and women are making. We are here to both encourage and reassure them that the country they are defending is behind them 100 percent... More

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To support a Veteran and a Veteran’s Family, click on the Donate button below. Remember, when you support the troops, you are helping to preserve freedom for your family and all Americans.  

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